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Wir lieben und leben Textilien

Wir lieben und leben Textilien

Growing up in a genuine family company (from both sides of my grandparents), I remember playing as a six year old between rolls of fabric, admired the loud embroidery machines, and spun yarn threads (much to my parents’ annoyance) throughout the company building. The most beautiful experience is seeing step by step what can become out of a single thread of yarn: an embroidery on a wedding dress for the most important day, a cotton fabric for a famous stage decoration, a dance dress that can be seen on a TV show, or a simple gymnastics training suit that brings a smile to the face of a little girl. It just feels really good to sell honest products with honest quality, and receive great feedback from our customers… It just feels really good to sell honest products with honest quality, and receive great feedback from our customers…

Company history

ERNESSA-trend was founded in 1989 by Gerhard Erne. At first, the father-in-law’s older embroidery machines were used, primarily for underwear and women’s outerwear, as well as valuable embroidered fabrics for the African market.

Thanks to the tireless work and Gerhard’s many years of expertise, the company quickly grew to become a well-known manufacturer of high-quality embroidery and fabrics. ERNESSA is now one of the most important suppliers for the dance industry, for well-known theaters and stages around the globe, as well as designers and fabric shops. The small innovative and creative team consists of his wife Ingrid and his son Dominik, as well as several long-term employees. Despite a difficult situation during the corona crisis 2020, Dominik Erne takes over the reins as managing director.


Quality at fair prices, both for resellers, tailors, designers, but also for private customers.

At Ernessa we are firmly convinced that, thanks to our high-quality products, innovative designs and many years of experience, we can offer discerning customers exclusive quality at an exceptional price / performance ratio. We have to act sustainably, keeping an eye on people and the environment, and make a positive contribution every day.

“We help our customers to help their customers”

Mission statement

Our actions are characterized by decency, honesty, fairness and responsibility.

The team at Ernessa acts efficiently and economically. We confidently face the challenges of the market and are determined to succeed. This success ensures us independence and the consequent further development of the company.

Our customers are our clients, they trust us. We do everything we can to justify this trust.

Work processes
We are constantly improving our work processes. The quality of our work and products is the key to a long-term customer relationship.


Our employees’ expertise, competence and willingness to work are our assets. Each individual contributes to the pleasant work at Ernessa through his personality.

We have to rethink our actions and our products. Economical use of resources is one of our greatest concerns. Sustainable products and environmental protection are very important to us. Avoid toxic chemicals, unnecessary waste, high energy consumption and non-recyclable products! It requires constant improvements. We are currently reducing our electricity requirements, only use 100% green electricity, dye with non-toxic dyes, use packaging as often as possible, reduce our paper and plastic consumption, and ensure short distances and transport through regional production and processing. We also send CO2 neutral as often as possible. Recycled fibers and yarns are our next big topic that we are already working on at full speed.